Why Drug Enforcement Administration Acted on Soma

What are Soma Medicines?

Soma Medicine is a painkilling drug that helps the muscles to stay relaxed for enough time to stay relieved from muscle pain. Being a brand name for the drug Carisoprodol, it is also known as Vanadom in pharmacy stores. Beneficial for those who are facing musculoskeletal conditions, the Food and Drug Association approved it for medicinal purposes. Also, it has gained recognition by its better results and hence it is recommended by the doctors, but the Drug Enforcement Administration took actions upon the Buy Soma Online drug.

soma Composition

Why the Drug Enforcement Administration has acted upon Soma?

Unfortunately, this medicinal drug has become a source of frequent drug abuse. More than a million people have been reported with drug abuse in countries like USA and Canada. Since the drug creates tolerance in the consumer’s body, more Carisoprodol is being taken to bring its effect in the body which consequents addiction.

Drug Enforcement Administration noticed the increased drug abuse cases of Soma and acted upon it. The administration noticed high addictiveness and potential abuse and took a step to put Carisoprodol in Schedule IV of Controlled Substance. Yet you can Buy Soma from the online pharmacy store.


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Things you should know while under medication

  • The patient suffering from a musculoskeletal condition must explain everything regarding other medications before starting to consume the drug Vanadom.
  • All sort of alcoholic content or intoxicating substance should be avoided.
  • Vanadom can cause dizziness and sleepiness.
  • Pregnant women must not consume the medicinal drug without a doctor’s prescriptions and consultations.

If you have consulted a doctor, then click here to Buy Carisoprodol Soma Online and receive it at your front door.

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